there are some people in the life of their travel is very inconvenient, let alone in the current peak of the arrival of the spring festival. So, how do the disabled old at the Spring Festival travel? Although the train station more tourists are returning home for Spring Festival, but in order to ensure the safe transportation, warm travel, the Shenzhen railway police station set up in conjunction with the Shenzhen travel convenience service station, opened up a green channel, helping the disabled old at the "special" passenger, anti-theft, anti robbery, propaganda spring fangpian etc to the passenger safety, to provide consultation and alarm alarming and other one-stop service, will be sent to the frontline service of love.

1 10 in the morning, Shenzhen station spring convenience service station received passenger fee to register in the 12306 service website of special focus on passenger reservation information, called to send old mother and young son take the T212 train to Hainan Shenzhen first home, because with the luggage, help the aged and the young, travel inconvenience, askingforandofferinghelp.

service desk staff to confirm the phone in advance to provide help. Spring Festival convenience desk police received the information you need to help the passengers, the rapid mobilization of the Spring Festival travel service team police station in conjunction with the young volunteers to go ahead of schedule, waiting in the waiting location. Shenzhen police and station staff through deep guidance, Mr. fee with his mother and son successy came to Shenzhen station, and wait for the bus in the waiting room key.

"there really is heaven, we help each other love in life, for you and me, young and old, sick and pregnant to lend a helping hand! At the same time, the car has not arrived, the Spring Festival convenience service desk and received two passengers with disabilities T212 train passengers need to provide help, and immediately send additional staff to help. Spring travel convenience service team to take more than one hand push the wheelchair, the need for the elderly and the disabled to provide convenience to guide them into the platform, and helped them get on the bus, a stop love service. Passengers have expressed gratitude to the Spring Festival convenience service station and the station staff to help. 13 8, T212 train from ShenZhen Railway Station opened slowly, returning home for Spring Festival people go home to conceal the joy of reunion, small household affairs, smiling, with a better vision for the new year.

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