Westerners love coffee, now in China is very popular, is not what luxury products, coffee is introduced from abroad and domestic, has a rich aroma, although less than the market consumption of tea, but it is also a popular product in the market. A number of coffee shops across the country, there are shops, shops etc.. Open coffee shop for investors is undoubtedly a lucrative move. So, how to open a good coffee shop? Here are the details:

one, to be stable, do not lose: mainly refers to the old customers and clerks, as a franchisee, in the treatment of old customers must use the truth. With the feeling of a friend to serve, the holidays can send a small gift, as far as possible with the old customers to ensure contact.

two, to fight the value of war, do not play price war: how to open a good coffee shop? Franchisee in the operation of the coffee shop, do not fall into the wrong price, when necessary, can be considered a total of prizes and gifts and other forms to disguise to promote.

three, to create a brand, don’t self destruct reputation: how to open a coffee shop? Commitment to the customer, or insist on doing so, the franchisee from the store to consider the long-term development, not just immediate interests.

four, to be famous, not inferior: to find a good coffee brand, have to ensure the quality, price and service, product promotion with the goods, but also enrich.

five, monopoly, don’t sell because the monopoly can form directional consumption habits and fixed customer base, service assurance, can also be guaranteed profits, if sold, such as selling popsicles soda, coffee beans in the store clothes and shoes, apparently out of, for a long time the customer is will be lost.

what kind of business are not simple, want to run a successful business, in many details but also need to pay attention to open a coffee shop, not easy to see, many of the details, it is worth paying attention to these aspects. Xiao Bian also reminded investors must first choose the brand, because the brand is directly related to the store business is booming or not.

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