in the network today, there are a lot of network business expert in our life, so some business expert actually have an extraordinary entrepreneurial road, next to the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial experience is very wonderful.

80 small Xing Shuai is such a network Denver, the love of computer technology network education of young people, after dropping out of college to join the computer software technology, the development of their hobby into a company. Xing Xing network computer training institute has a hundred training team, thirty thousand students fees, income of more than 30 million yuan in four years.

in a number of money on the success of the era, a college dropout is how successful?

drop for four years to find the target

"I saw the computer network technology training market blank, thought the network distance education have a brilliant future. College education is often divorced from the actual needs of the employment of six months to a year, while the traditional classroom training costs are high, but also by the time and geographical constraints, the students are quite inconvenient."

"QQ a group to accommodate up to two people, there is no way to expand the size of the students, and even lead to the loss of students, I have a headache this problem." Moreover, because the QQ group can not accommodate more than two people at the same time online voice, sound quality is not stable, a variety of objective reasons are limited Xing Xing development.

try after 3 months, Xing Shuai finally solved the problem of network education platform construction, implementation of a multi channel subject teaching. Next he encountered the problem is the charge.

network to teach through charging difficulties


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