is not only the animals need to hibernate, for many of the current shops, due to changes in the weather in winter, people simply do not want to go to the streets, leading to these shops also encountered such a special moment. In short, many small restaurants including many traditional restaurants shops will face hibernation, the so-called off-season comes less traffic of the period known as the "hibernation".

1, winter food must do takeaway

in the summer people may be more love to go to some snack bar, but in winter especially in the northern winter, winter is basically not what power go to the street to eat snacks, so many catering enterprises. For this period of time the. In fact, might as well take a takeaway or very effective.

2, starting from the drink, drink more hot

winter is even eat all need courage of the season, because everywhere is cold, so this time we do not give consumers drink cold drinks, more hot drinks, in the southern city of Guangdong for example, we take a double Run menu form.

3, offline online marketing together to do

ask you a question, where are the customers and future customers? The answer is in the phone, the computer, if you have the ability to do online marketing and offline marketing at the same time do. For example, the Royal Chicken starring Wu Jing in "wolf" before the release, and their cooperation, posters all stores in the Royal chicken line, the materials have a propaganda "wolf" of the show, to help the film very good campaign, because our customers are the same. At the same time, "the wolf" organizers will give us some gifts and movie tickets, then we will use the Internet to interact with fans online movie ticket issued, only has 23961 people involved in the pumping activity of movie tickets and other gifts.


said the food and beverage outlets will inevitably have a "hibernation", but as long as we can take the business strategy, can be a good means of operation, will also store better operation, but will get further development. So, if you run a small restaurant business, do you know how to deal with it?

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