from the heavy middle school life, the students went to the university after feeling very relaxed. However, after the carnival, many students will feel very empty and confused. For these students, Xiao Bian recommend a few good books for college students to read, you will open up the future of the fog.

1, "read university, what to read" (Tan Biaoxi)

"University, read" what exactly is a young university graduates a reflection on College life. For a prospective college student, this is a book that has no reason to ignore. It is the best-selling Chinese college student guide book in recent years, the book catalog with a 25 year old chairman of the college students to give the advice of the name of the 18 widely spread on the internet.

2, "job, starting from the freshman" (Tan Biaoxi)

"in college, exactly what to read" after the publication of Mr. Tan Biaoxi, after five years of grinding sword, and for the students presented the new book: "the job, from the first". Mr. Qin has always stressed that not too utilitarian reading, emphasizing the college must focus on critical thinking and expression ability, citizen consciousness and other qualities, but in the face of the cruel reality, facing the increasingly severe employment situation of college students, Mr. Qin the job in the first place.

3, "what’s going on for college" (Alexandra · Victor)

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