is now in late autumn, 2014 has more than half of the past, a lot of people have been planning in 2015 entrepreneurship. So, in the upcoming 2015, what are the most popular investment projects? Recommended here in 2015 popular investment projects, investment risk is small, make money fast, we quickly look at it!

2015 hot investment projects: flower shop

2015 investment projects: flower soil monopoly

position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower. Small investment quick business, according to the current market to spend 200 yuan per cubic metre of soil calculation, the annual sales of about 200 thousand yuan, excluding rent, fertilizer, electricity, wages and other costs, the annual net profit in 6-10 million yuan, the market prospect is extremely attractive. Flowers can also be sold at the same time, while selling some flowers and trees.

2015 hot investment projects: field survival club

2015 hot investment projects: beach volleyball

if opened in the beach volleyball scene of a city or district park, not only satisfy the desire of people’s movement, but also can have a relatively good income. Investment in beach volleyball is not high. A piece of empty space is surrounded by nets, two trucks of sand, a small dressing room, a volleyball net

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