of Hebei province in order to encourage and guide people to their own businesses, the Hebei city of Shijiazhuang Province issued a number of policies to support entrepreneurship, including management, venture funds and venture business base and a number of policies to encourage the promotion of national entrepreneurship.

Hebei City, the city’s annual capital of not less than 20 million yuan to arrange, to guide, encourage and support the national entrepreneurship

days ago, Shijiazhuang city issued "special funds to support entrepreneurship management approach", "business incubator identification and management", "entrepreneurship training base for identification and management", "business project management approach", "promotion for helping entrepreneurs and fixed service organization identification and management" etc. to encourage and support entrepreneurship in order to further promote the people business policy.

it is understood that Shijiazhuang will arrange funds of not less than 20 million yuan each year, specifically for guidance, encourage and support entrepreneurship. To support the venture funds mainly for business incubator subsidies, outstanding entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship award grants, start the project repository operation and maintenance, business service, expert of special activities, business services all kinds of enterprise incentives, small loan interest.

to strengthen the management of business incubators, the city clearly stipulates that if the business incubators hatch venture entity complaints and verified more than 3 times, that a full year did not carry out the business incubation, hatching success rate of less than 50%, is not required to participate in the annual assessment, the existence of illegal business, business incubators will be disqualified, retrieve the certificate and plaque, and to the public. In order to support the construction of business incubators, the city regulations, identified by the municipal designated by the city of incubators, entrepreneurial guidance center recommended into the incubator venture in fixed number of entities, subsidies for incubator management services in accordance with the standard 4000 yuan per household per year, subsidies for a period of not more than 3 years; in the fixed-point business incubator and the normal operation of a full year of the business entity, given a certain amount of the venue rental subsidies, each business entity annual maximum subsidy of 30 thousand yuan subsidy, the longest period of not more than 3 years.

for the construction of entrepreneurship training base, the city, the entrepreneurship training base designated arrangement ability and willingness to venture entrepreneurs, and can not more than 6 months of entrepreneurship training, training to accept subsidy according to the number of eligible personnel training, subsidy standard is 200 yuan per month per person.

in accordance with the "entrepreneurial project solicitation management approach", the city Bureau of labor and employment services is responsible for social development and entrepreneurship projects. After the development of entrepreneurial projects through the evaluation of the argument, incorporated into the city’s entrepreneurial project library, the project provider to provide 200 yuan subsidy per project standards. For the selected project library, the project used by the entrepreneur

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