more than the Chinese people in entrepreneurship, European and American countries are also actively promoting entrepreneurship, recently, the eighth session of the Sino British entrepreneurship Contest Finals perfect ending for the Chinese and British entrepreneurs who want to provide an exchange platform.

2016 in January 19th, the all England finals by China Entrepreneurship Development Association, the new Guangzhou knowledge city, Guangzhou returnees Association jointly organized the new Guangzhou Knowledge City International Innovation Conference and the eighth session of the Sino British business competition China District in Whampoa  District in the new Guangzhou knowledge city planning exhibition hall is held ceremoniously. From the government, technology, legal, academic, investment and financial sectors consists of more than one hundred guests attended the event, the chief economist of the Guangzhou Development Zone of Guangzhou City, Zhang Hui, deputy director of the office of He Jiangbo cooperation, the new Guangzhou knowledge city investment and Development Co. Ltd. President Huang Guoxiang, President Cheng Ran and other leaders attended the Guangzhou returnees association.

It is reported that the contest

, Chinese division won support more than and 40 well-known venture capital institutions, and launched in August 2015. After 5 months of the national division auditions stage, the organizing committee from the registration of the more than and 500 projects carefully screened out the entry into the finals of the 12 elite projects in china. The reporter learned from the meeting, the China finalists finals of the project covers a number of cutting-edge innovations in interactive software, new energy equipment, intelligent electronic service platform, big data, bio environmental technology, such as Internet banking.

finalist team combination is more diverse, both from the school of creative students and experienced R & D team, operation of rich social entrepreneurship, more academic theory and practice combined with solid experiences at home and abroad college professor. The fuel generator expert Thomas from abroad to lead the team to come here to participate in competition has become a highlight of the contest.

"Sino British entrepreneurship competition was founded in 2006, is Chinese for" sea plan "project" and the British Prime Minister plans’ support of the project. The event aims to provide an international platform for the Chinese and British entrepreneurs who are interested in creating value in the business sector to provide a comprehensive business plan guidance and support for R & D projects and ideas." Cheng Ran, President of Guangzhou overseas Chinese association.

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