mobile phone software development is currently the majority of technology innovation companies will be involved in the field, but to achieve long-term profitability of mobile phone software is not a simple thing. After 80 young people Mao Jingxiang to hand travel as a starting point, the gradual spread of the company’s business, access to hundreds of millions of B round of financing, called young entrepreneurs example.

O2O event scene makes strangers more social

"for social strangers, with interest as the starting point than other advantage." Mao Jingxiang to the public familiar with WeChat and unfamiliar street as an example to illustrate: WeChat dating is more understanding of the user’s online social situation, but there is no way to calculate the social attributes of the line, and we can. The unfamiliar street based on the establishment of social location, but did not know each other, there is no solution to the problem of the use of the line scene." At the same time, poly also launched a social credit system, through the cumulative function of the registry, in order to enhance the weight of the release of the event.

and where the weekend "and" lazy weekend "low frequency event social products compared to poly tend to be more mobile, fragmented social activities. Even if the user is idle at the coffee shop at the moment, you can immediately initiate or participate in a group. Short is 30 minutes, a long day, more timely.

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