new store opened, if you want to open the market, want to get a higher visibility, it is necessary to do a good job related work. So, what should be done before and after the opening of new stores? And let Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple analysis.

1, before the opening of the new store need to arrange a certain number of the opening of the flags, it is recommended to choose the festival or Saturday, day opening.

2, the opening of the shop to try on the trial, fill out the gift to receive a registration form to send a gift, so far.

3, during the opening 1 weeks or ten days (not too long), "buy one" bargain purchase activities, all send a gift. Or during the opening of the new store in the field after the discount XX fold discount activities, activities should not exceed 10 days.

7 days before the opening of the new store in

4, the city of the line, conditional, can be in the best local TV stations to do the prime time every night, 2 times the opening of the subtitle advertising.

5, 2 days before the opening of the new store opened in the shop window advertising posters, and print leaflets leaflets distributed to the target audience.

6, new store opened on the same day to increase sales staff to prepare for the flow of people too much to cope with.

if you want to store in the opening day can have smooth development, nature also need to do more work, so that it can let the store opening day has a high popularity, the development of more smoothly. So, if you are ready to open a new store, do you know what to do before and after the work?

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