home jewelry store needs to provide the majority of customers with pleasure and beauty, in fact, only to sell the jewelry to be able to achieve this purpose, resulting in huge profits. If the jewelry sales do not go out, there will be no sense of the existence of jewelry store, so how to get more competitive sales in the fierce market competition is more important than peers.

A, find the product selling point

essential idea two, sales of

1, good sales attitude. Clean and tidy, listen carefully to the requirements of customers, and express the selling points of the jewelry, look for the topic of interest to the customer, and close the relationship with the customer.

2, a good understanding of customers.

3, the use of polite sales. Pu Xiuxiu jewelry store as a staff, the use of norms, professional sales of common language, not only can establish a brand image, but also to establish customer confidence in the purchase.

now most businesses that service is the key to success. The quality of the jewelry store service will directly affect the customer’s shopping mood, thereby affecting their purchasing behavior. A lot of customers tend to buy a piece of jewelry because of the cordial and warm smile. The service is divided into the sale and after sale, the sale is mainly to have the necessary concepts in the sale, polite and warm, equally.

four, some clever customer complaints

five, how to deal with the shortage problem of

in the shop of the business process, may encounter some customers put forward to a certain product, but the store also did not have this situation of goods. If this is the case, we should apologize to the customer, and inform the customer whether the store will buy this kind of product, if the purchase, when will arrive, or take the initiative to recommend to the customer can replace other products. This will give the customer a good impression for the jewelry store for repeat customers.

To understand some of the correct operation method to open the shop


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