every time he writes an article, he meets a large group of people for a chat. Supported or opposed.

today, write this article and write about my experience. Why is it called forbidden to eat forbidden fruit?. Pay a heavy price, and don’t worry. Listen to me slowly. Maybe you’ll think I have a hard time. Maybe you will say I pay more for this. What does not go in is not only youth, but perhaps a lifetime.

love is always romantic, everyone has to go through the season. And in this season, is often cost you a lifetime of happiness season. My wife and I met in college, and I couldn’t say what I had in mind. She fell in love with me, and I don’t know what love her, it is so simple, we do not have our yellow tree under the ideal setting for a couple in love, no, we are just a pair of ordinary campus not in the ordinary couple. One day we finally could not master that wonderful feeling. We stole something that should not belong to us. Just because of that time. Our dreams have been shattered. We had to leave school before we graduated from college. What we bring is a cute little smart. We all like him very much, but the worry of life makes him want to sleep, don’t wake up, but there is a lot of things can not be put down, his efforts originally she is not happy at all. I don’t want to die, but can the rest of her take my baby well? Is she able to make our children healthy and happy?

in fact, people read more books, but eventually they still have to work. How can you read a book for a lifetime?

in fact, is not no money, but you will not go to. How can your parents support you for a lifetime?

but why she could not understand this point, money will come and go, not to bring health, do not bring death. Love to win. Where can I get a free lunch?. If the sky is not rain, if the sky is not snow, the day on the day on the gold, silver. Why should I stay up late every day to work overtime, and I do not comfortably at home to enjoy the pleasures of life? If life can not eat. If you live a life, you can wear no clothes. Why should I not day so hard? Am I so hard she was not happy at all? Ah, don’t be greedy, can satisfy the content with it, but I can understand these words, she? I write these things, she can understand? My pains, she can understand it original? She is not the person I know, and I have to this eating the forbidden fruit, we have put in a lot of people. Maybe I’m not her ideal mate. Maybe leave her and I’ll find the right one. So don’t just pull a man’s hand. More can not easily let go of a person’s hand.

who can give me a reason to tell me how to cherish this marriage?. Who can tell me how I can convince her,


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