remember, I started contacting Adsense industry since January 2009, and it’s been more than a year now. The bitterness of one’s experience is not visible to others. I once in order to do website, a morning to eat two steamed bread, in the evening often instant noodles to eat, seven days a week, five days is hungry. Guess what’s the reason? Because the time was just in case of an economic crisis, the factory was facing a serious crisis. The vacation time was longer than the work time, so I decided to leave my office. I made a movie station, and I could make a dozen bucks a day. Thinking that if the promotion work well, the flow rate can rise by a large margin!)

the day back to the dormitory, he was busy thinking, tomorrow can no longer stay here, the next step, how should I do? If you go back home tomorrow, they would know I was in the factory leaving things, this will only make them worry more, but the family now is not a good condition. Think again, they do so, is not too impulsive? On the morning of the second day, I will take more than 3000 pieces of savings work in factories, pulling luggage to Guangdong – Jiangmen road. Spent 150 rented a small house, 300 pulled a cable, began my website promotion road.

what I have to do every day:

morning: video promotion

this is a very common means of promotion, to find some popular TV drama, movies, plus their station watermark, and then sent to the major video stations. At that time, every night I find a good movie, using qvod software to watch, as you know, the qvod feature is the watch and download, and it looks like a very clear picture! The second day in the morning, I used to cook breakfast, time to do video watermarking, the premise is to open the computer to make it to help me, oh

noon: Forum promotion

I’m looking for some famous domestic navigation stations, such as hao123265, these collection of local forums, I personally feel that these forums definitely popular is the highest (I did not even know what PR). I use a very stupid method, with excel do some big classification, on the left is the local area, advertising area, film and television column, the right is my registration BBS account number, a form, a form of records. Every day to prepare a "soft Wen" ad, from noon at two o’clock, according to my records of the forum, one by one.

evening: website update and Baidu Post Bar promotion

‘s friends at the movie station know that night trips are the peak of the day. 7 every night, at 8 I began to update some of the hottest and most new TV series, updated at the same time, immediately to the Baidu Post Bar post, (site, not directly mine and establish their own a Baidu space, update the article, inside back to bring their own station. Link. This way the administrator will not seal your number!) do this piece, traffic often >!

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