now the Internet more and more media platform, especially in the past one or two years, since the media platform is more like those users and our old bamboo shoots after a spring rain, like the shuttle in the crowd can go online screen, even the voice from the media platform, with a sweet voice to get the attention of millions of fans. In these media or from the community, we will find that there is a class of users tend to let us often linger, that is, among the community "beauty users."". The so-called "beauty user" refers to in the real life looks more prominent, and photos on the web color values are very high users, these users also tend to focus some news, media, community. For example, we often see the news "beauty teacher * * *" and "the most beautiful village beauty teacher", "beauty of the boss and the poor boy * * * like the news, this kind of news is often controversial, but most likely caused by a large number of various users tucao. Of course, these "beauty user" is often in reality, it is really a person, the heart of love, there are people, so once the beauty of the network community intervention will often be relatively active. Therefore, in the community operations, "beauty user" operations are often very important, because by grasping this part of "beauty users" can drive the community’s activity. So, how do we operate this part of the "Belle user"?

first, a little more praise language. It can be said that almost no one does not listen to the words of love, especially the beauty, often also love the praise of others, even if very cold beauty, often do not reject such praise, this is the beauty of nature, so in the community’s daily operations, forum posting on the text table, the user’s beauty call should add some words of praise, such words as "beauty users" often like to listen to the praise, often to "beauty users" left a good impression, the heart will feel at least does not exclude this community.

secondly, the community should do some regular or irregular maintenance for these "Belle users". Simply put, these "beauty users" for maintenance, that is, they can not be left out, otherwise, for a long time, such high-quality users will easily drain away. In fact, the Internet economy is a fan of the economy, there are countless communities on the Internet, these "beauty users" often because it is outstanding, color value is too high, how many bones will be some high profile, so for this user, do not wait for them to take the initiative to visit your community, and should take the initiative to use a variety of appropriate time to get their attention to the community and the corresponding information through advertising, text messages, alerts, online and offline activities, maintenance of these users regularly or not.

again, using various clever means of operation to enhance these "beauty users" retention rate. Since these "beauty users" can often come to your community, then they tend to have a strong purpose, so at this time, if you can on this basis

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