Why is it so easy for

to project himself as a star through QQ space?

saw the others were to write the log, I thought, I will stick to it, one day, two days, five days, how visitors gone up? 7 days, I insist in the end there is no use? 10 days, I was really sick, 10 Fen will not be able to earn, just to see a the master course is not wrong, I followed him to learn…

people always like this, do one thing, for a period of time to see results, will doubt the correctness do it yourself, 90% people to find excuses for yourself, the other went right and proper, only a few XuSanDuo, also be silly Baji insist, insist, ah, all of a sudden day, I do the bars around the abdomen, did 333, success came too suddenly…

people of the older, more heart, think too much, do what thing rather than a child, a child learning to ride a bike, fell over N times, fall, break is common, but never thought of giving up don’t learn, less than two weeks, I will learn to ride……

someone asked me, "what’s the secret of journaling,


, I said, there’s no trick. Just stick to it,

I can feel that friend’s disappointed expression,

tell me how my log was written,

every day reading, to visit many friends of space, as long as see QQ number, it is not consciously want to open his space to see, and then the harvest and sentiment, condensed into a keyword, write notebook. So, every night, I was staring at a pile of keywords, and then the brain idea, this keyword I think of what? After the project to do what inspired? How to write, we like to see


is thinking more, the brain more and more lively, see a word, thinking the same as spring water, keep out. Before drinking three cups of coffee, the brain is not how to turn, and now every morning a cup of tea, open Sina, read a news, you can write a paragraph of things, ha ha,

The earliest

flow, everywhere bitter post, kengchikengchi, earn money, hang by a thread; suddenly one day I saw a foreign article, content marketing, said what I did not remember, just remember, to create the readability of the content of

I am now in QQ space and WeChat every day to release some of their own summary, sentiment class text, slowly, a lot of people attracted by my content,

people are here. How do you use them,


do a toll group, it will recruit 10 people, I did not expect to receive 6 plus

in the morning

everyone else has paid for it. You can’t help but dry it,

must give ah, every night at 9 o’clock, time in the group chat interactive

everyone has gained knowledge, hey >

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