had gone into the thirty years of age was not, achievement, but because the veteran learned some small experience, write some of their own experience, hope to share with everyone, also hope to be able to help owners avoid some problems in the development of.

1 remember that the Internet is not transparent

The first time will

everyone access to the Internet and the Internet feel very free, very transparent information, beyond the general media, this is not true, but I want to tell you is that the Internet is not you think so transparent, basically you see the information above 90% are being processed. If you have the patience to see the Sina home page, a careful analysis, most of them are pr draft, even the financial sector and the real estate section every day is the dealer in the hiring of press, why? Because the benefits, of course the star BLOG is not just to the home page, so as a webmaster must have dialectical eyes see the Internet information. Otherwise, you will follow blindly.

2 don’t place too much belief in what is on the Internet,

like the first advice, a lot of things on the network and can not believe too much to say here is not to say that is a lie, but that same information will become different power in the hands of different people, such as a few years ago the popular QQ created by hanging flow way to make money, this is feasible and feasible? But in your hand, you may not be able to use it, so you don’t need to buy such a QQ system, although he promises to give you the day to earn 300 yuan.

3 website first consider making money

web site first to consider the money, unless you are in a personal hobby, if you are to make money and do website, please be sure to enter the charging stage as soon as possible, don’t say, I need to slowly cultivate my website, the future will make money. Why? Because in China, who is the greatest resource, is also the biggest drag, because your website is no charge, they have found that results when you want to charge, it was around a lot of the same website, you have no chance to charge.

4, you see the money model is no longer profitable,

remembers what I said. Anything you’ve ever seen to make money or opportunity or skill is basically out of the question. Because of what? It’s still human, too many people have seen it, there’s no chance for you. So don’t trust the model that you can make money by investing 100 yuan without effort. It only consumes your energy and time. Look at a model, if you do not mention how to do specific things, just out of ideas, then it is impossible to achieve. Really can make money mode can be said to be impossible to spread in a large range, and even spread, until this has earned enough money by the station, he found the pattern or nearing its end, this time he will take the mode of contribution, "

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