some time ago there are many novice operators buddy asked me such a question: now the company has not paid much attention to the operation work, there is no need to stick to it, or as early as possible to change a job? In fact, such a problem plaguing many website operators novice friends, especially in some small companies, this kind of phenomenon very common. What is in fact I Yang small company for a long time, friends say the problem has its own experience, so today and we come together in a pa pa why web site operators in some companies are not taken seriously, even a very awkward position. Some practical advice for friends who are now in this predicament;

, first of all, let’s take a look at why there are things we don’t care about. What are the reasons behind this:


1 was greatly influenced by the boss;


this phenomenon generally occurs in the traditional small company, the boss of all things, one day, a lot of the time, ShouDeXia employees work is entirely in order to cater to the tastes of the boss, the boss happy, and they feel their own ability to reflect.

this "sick" corporate management model, for the operating sector, which laid 2 very big risks:

1 will interfere with operations based on what is known as "intuition";

the boss is not possible in many ways are expertise, if the technical aspects of the job a little better, because the program is very clear is wrong, do not go must be wrong, if the boss is not a technical background, no interference, because he does not know


a lot of people will say, then the boss is not operational origin, should also be unable to interfere, you are wrong; because the operation of the essence of the model determines his embarrassment.

we usually say "don’t opinionated", is that people tend to love by virtue of the so-called "intuition" cognition and judgment, intuition is not always wrong, and are usually built based on their germination experienced out of instinct, often is the value of the. On the contrary, there are also a considerable part of intuition, only his own obscenity. According to this, nothing at all, "intuition" if we said above is attached to the boss’s body, then the problem will come.

we know that when we are operating for many scientific and humanity to figure out, and perceptual thinking, this way of thinking is absolutely and we usually called "intuition" is not the same, but the boss may think is the same, so this time, he will use his "intuition" to go around you interfere with you, even if, you


2 greatly blocks and limits the thinking of operations;

, if it has been in this "constrained" environment for a long time, the thinking of operations will be rigid, resulting in all the operational decisions before adding one: "does the boss like my decision?"

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