usually seemingly calm web site, often behind there are billowing smoke in the air, every webmaster is a general, and you hand the army is your web site. The army is in control of your operation site, with less military battle numbered many, The weak overcame the strong. And you are willing to create these battles! Is like Taobao and eBay confrontation, we do not admire The weak overcame the strong., by the station thought rate of a cut above others ma. Some grassroots webmaster, want to create a piece of heaven and earth, with their own meager strength you think about possible? If an alliance to be annexed to it is as easy as you. Don’t laugh, it’s true. As long as many webmaster unite, can build a world. I see what Links, ask you, do you still work? Link to help each other? Do such unnecessary Links, not what is the smart move, only bad ah.

We take

for example, the opponent is 100 people, and let you see don’t usually also fight a lone battle, the friendship friendship that, in the end, the real stand out. You can have a few people to death than ant smasher are easy, and you are the people a little hurt No. The "new network" to do the test, this is my new, I just want to prove that the force of unity, and I can add my links, see the effect how to unite.

people who are on the Internet are generally not on a small site. Small people always eat leftovers residual root, and then eat the taste, so, how how to be a hero! Hear here, you can scold me, scold me not only that they say!! I accept your call, but it really is when you wait for a


write these articles, or hope you find yourself just do the passion of the webmaster!


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