this recommended website operating strategy is very stupid, but the cost is very low, but very effective, can be described as a hundred tries not bad; the fly purchase network arrangement, communicate with you.

N0.1 draw

is currently the group purchase website sweepstakes and the new B2C mall, the most common way of promotion, often visible, registered members can draw; this kind of activity, in fact, it is not important to award; it is important that registered members must use some Email to register their real, after activation, the your Email contact to the mall operator, then he can send emails everyday recommend a variety of promotional activities in his home mall;

fact, Grand Prix wood, who knows, even if there is you will definitely get, most of these activities show it to attract the registration and collection of Email as a day after sending with


N0.2 auction (spike)

spike auction can be described as the most recent online shopping activities, but in fact, people who know the principles of programming know that if you do something in the program, you can control the spike results;

merchant operation spike, generally divided into two kinds:

is a kind of real spike activity, spike commodity is generally cost price, in the seller will not suffer under the premise (after deducting costs, earn a few dollars a few wool), in order to take the amount of this Taobao most often organize;

second is the so-called false seckill real customers, seckill, no time to simply seckill, the system can display business, seckill preset list can vest to replace; but whether it is true or false seckill seckill, a lot will attract the attention of customers, the main purpose is to make his name for publicity only;

N0.3 big sale, discount, big fight,

case: the book wars between Dangdang and Jingdong mall;

some time ago and Jingdong Book Mall, is the city, but in the end who are the winners and losers, important really?

if you study two mall discount books, it is not difficult to find, discount books, Jingdong will not discount mall, mall Jingdong discount books, Dangdang will not discount; two stores are playing the "wrong", a book to do discount publicity, in fact most of the books are is money; the real business people know that the book purchases are on Jin said, concerning about the tons of procurement, and then discusses how to sell this,

will lose money?

is a false promotion; a real call;

But the Jingdong

and mall quarrel, price war speculation, but for the two companies and make the boss fame and flow, can bring the benefits of quarrel than promotions volume, wonder BOSS > two

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