people who do the Internet hardly have no idea of the long tail theory. It summarizes the fine withgeneral Elliot phenomenon emerged in the network, put forward three kinds of power of the long tail, the popularity of production tools, through the popularization of communication tools reduce consumer costs, connection of supply and demand, create a new market with less. As a representative of rich economics, the long tail theory is a good example of the fact that eighty of the small and weak forces in the market can change the world together.

but the "long tail" limitation is that there is no specific reference to the eighty percent forces together, the organizers need to spend long time, need much more resources in the area, how to achieve full integration. This is always hanging in my minds. Now, for this problem, the famous domestic "long tail theory" practitioners, Ali mother website has made the best answer.

like Ali mother’s Internet platform, the main income comes from advertising. So what does the advertiser care about most in the media? What does the magazine care about is the circulation? The station cares about the ratings, and the Internet platform cares about coverage. Ali and her mother coverage there? According to the official data, less than a year, Ali mother will cover more than 370 thousand small sites and 180 thousand personal blog, the average coverage exceeded 70 million mark. This coverage exceeded Baidu, in one fell swoop to become the country’s Internet platform boss.

What is the concept of

70 million? Well, according to Chinese official statistics and published data, China has become the world’s largest Internet market, with a 221 million number of Internet users. That is to say, on average, every three netizens, basically have one to go up the website of mom of ali. If you follow the family of three, you can say that the Internet covers all of china. What a surprise!


of course, Ali’s mother’s growth so fast, first of all, with ALI group’s powerful platform is inseparable. We imagine that if there is no brand integrity Ali group as support and backing, for a Internet Co to do the same thing, the chances of success have? Ali group brand on the Internet is a piece of a gilded signboard. This sign is enough to gather popularity and the market effects of a hundred responses to a single call. Second, the strength of the network operation of Ali mother. There are many Internet Co in China. They have good ideas, but they can not do anything wonderful. Execution is not in place, and good ideas are zero. Ma Yun himself in the famous entrepreneurial inspirational program "win in China" has said: "would rather choose three streams of creativity + first-class execution.". Shows how important executive power is to a company.

Chinese made the Internet a lot of companies, but also a lot of people engaged in the Internet industry, everyone in the study of "the long tail", discuss "the long tail", trying to make themselves into one of the "long tail" practitioners. Watch Ali mom from line to

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