school training has been coming to an end, I think that in just a few days of training, I really learned a lot, although before is to write div+css and JavaScript website code, for some interface function of DW is not very familiar with, after Liu teacher finally understand the behavior of the DW interface control.

A few days before the

teacher arranged a website of the World Expo let us do a work for the recent training, I was raised a concept, is a good time to learn to make a relatively large site.

is my first to do a preliminary site planning of the World Expo, the first to do a website we must first consider the size of the page, I use the DIV+CSS to reduce the loading speed of the page, a page about 10 to KB, if the TABLE layout that I think is estimated to be around more than 80 KB although, it is a second faster loading pages, but we think of a portal for tens of thousands of article from the database call out, if you open a page fast one second, then the speed and then talk about the influence of as can be imagined, the SEO, the search engine spider is not love to climb the three layer nested in TABLE the content, so this is paving the way for SEO optimization. To attract the spider to climb, to quickly increase your website snapshot and authority.

then I repeat my site map, a home page, six sub pages and a content page, each page with some graphics composed of a content rich pages, the global blue symbolizes harmony, with a head head shaft four hall and the emblem of the simple into, because the page the contents of the function is too much I will pick out a few.



, which is called the TAB selection card, is produced using javacript code. Call the code inside and CSS Id make a switch page, these two contents are different, the main advantage is to save the space for the home page, but also can reach the maximum information to customers the effect!



Here is the

using a slide code, the latest headlines information and picture display for everyone to see, to attract the attention of users, make users more want to click into the watch. The direct use of FLASH+JAVASCRIPT code in the HTML call pictures.




, these three are also made using the TAB selection card, but >

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