believes everyone is no stranger to witkey. Today is Witkey people get money through proficiency in a particular line network pronoun. Generally speaking, Witkey is a good thing, when there is no money to pick up work, earn some money, when there is a problem, go find someone to help solve, what a good platform ah!


brief description of Witkey development process

in 2004, a group of active users in the forum whim, why don’t we take the task to the forum which help solve? Money money, money’s output is to solve the problem of people get the reward, more cost-effective ah. By this time, someone has already done this kind of thing, but they haven’t found it yet.

in 2005, the word "Witkey" appeared.

2006, the task China, pig, K68 has become the representative of a situation of tripartite confrontation, witkey. At this time, hundreds of small Witkey sites such as night spring appear in front of people. At the same time, there are similar websites in foreign countries, but they are not called Witkey, such as InnoCentive and myTino, two large trading websites.

2006, 2007, 2008, for three years, most of the Witkey website is dead, the surviving pig site and K68 or only a Witkey mode, only Chinese tasks in the original innovations of Witkey mode increase bidding task and business services (the person who does not talk about these two kinds of transactions, Witkey however, the task task alone), Chinese website Witkey task and pig, K68 (hereinafter called "the mode of Witkey task" good) have been unable to solve the two problem I want to question the.

the first question: the release of the task never refund, and if my collection is not satisfied with the results, what should I do?

"never refund" is Witkey task for several years the rules, once a task public solicitation, regardless of the outcome is satisfactory, can cancel task, which is to protect the interests of the Witkey, initiative is commendable. But, if I am not satisfied with the results of the collection, what should I do? I believe that all the tasks of the "Witkey" are never refund, it is very unreasonable.

for example: I want to collect a script writing, the price of 1200 yuan, someone finally submitted works, but works really are not satisfied, how should I do? To increase the extension of solicitation, solicitation and if the delay with? That’s just my luck, wasted 1200 yuan.

actually, I like this situation many people encountered, this kind of task in Witkey task is relatively rare, but the difficulty is high, it is very challenging for Witkey, a successful challenge can get higher reward, but if the challenge fails, I still have to pay all the money, for me is dumb, bitter herbs.

second question: what if my collection of LOGO cannot be registered in the trade and Industry Bureau?

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