, a good, promising and promising SNS website has to go through several stages in its first step. It is divided into three major categories:

1, not through search engine optimization, the number of direct real users reached more than 200;

two, you can start doing SEO, remember to follow the first point of order can not be wrong;

three is the most difficult step, how to locate your SNS community?

The next

separately under the first, what is the real users, is that 200 people are gathered by your connections, of course, is the lower limit of 200, the more the better, the more you will get faster development of community; that is to say you are going to do a SNS community before, you have to think of your hands the human resources are more than 200? This is very important, this is not considered good, your community will do very tired.

second, search engine optimization, why the second step needs to be done? The reason is very simple, when your own human resources play after, you should find a new way to break through, did not do this step before they think all the same, what is the use of WEB2.0 to let the 200 people ah to pull people, do you think viral, but not now tens of thousands of SNS community, why should people come to you registered, you can’t model your content innovation than others, it is unlikely! So, I think we should do search engine optimization. Well optimized, natural people to join.

third, what is the theme of the community? How to locate? This is certainly a lot of people will faint, many of the SNS community adhere to a few months or half a year of basic die in this step, this step is more abstract, really do not know how to describe, I took an example for it is also the experience to share with everyone.

Wei moo network, this website can say the first step is very successful, a few days time real registered users to 200, this is a health industry SNS site, before he engaged in prevention and treatment of the national health system, a part of the health industry working experience and all over the country’s health industry human resources, so I decided to do such a site, the first step is very successful, can be said that before long, the number of users will exceed 2000….

used in SEO optimization of the time have seen a SNS website, web site do not remember, I was surprised, registered users only more than 50 people, and there is no active users online registration, time can be found in the Alexa IP found that 500 independent IP access to the average daily, I wondered later. See some of the owners did not know his search engine optimization is done well, very much from the IP search engine over, but registered users not much, because his user number no more than 200, only 50, the website is not sticky, it said so much, the third step in the end how to do it.

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