saw this information on the Internet today. After research, CNNIC decided to require users to submit a domain name registration application to the domain name registration service provider, and should submit written application materials at the same time. The application materials include the domain name registration form (original), the enterprise business license or the organization code certificate (copy), and the identity certificate of the registered contact person (copy). So, whether a person as long as the user cannot provide business license or certificate of organization code, will not be able to register the domain name? In the reporter’s questioning, the person said, the announcement of the three documents are indispensable.


network is not too familiar with you may not know this concept, such as, which is a domain name. The domain name is the name of the person only, who is who first registered. Earlier registration rules were for individuals and businesses, and even if you wanted to register domain names and fill in necessary information about registration, you can register. But what does it mean when you see the news? Only companies can sign up.

I think there is something wrong with it. The reasons are as follows:

1, A thing has its cause.

must have been the latest media coverage of the Yellow trash sites. But from the perspective of jurisprudence, after all, is a small range, endangering the social tie, a domain name sealing, immediately after 5 minutes and then pay, this is indeed true, but why not from the supervision of the people off the old domain name registration business. The original domain name registration procedure is the identity verification, fill in the information must be real and effective, can service providers in order to reap benefits, not just registered, through the real ID card to verify, and finally lead to such consequences, is directly related to the personal and domain name registration and yellow personal website? I will register a domain name yellow web site, a police investigation, I TM sick ah I still open. Obviously, no one will be open, and those who want to do supervision to you? What the network do? From the source to check, make a detailed record, in fact as long as the registration time, like TAOBAO to verify the identity, like a bank has a reputation, to solve all the problems.

2, why can’t individual register domain name,


what cannot be registered the domain name? It is an example of how to save you money, why, people won’t have a fair. Our people how to register the domain name, what makes you not to register, just because the yellow website, you see a few yellow website is the true identity registration, true identity to open that they dare not open? Many people work together in the enterprise’s business, don’t say I want to be a I love him the website for my wife, the premise must first registered company, and then find a team of people to join the company, tell them I love my wife, I want to do love him, so you have to, you don’t come not business, no business I can’t open this website in love with my wife. Isn’t it ironic. I know the regulatory authorities

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