new station has just been built, the main also have to rely on search engines, want to stand out, it is necessary to have unusual practices, the following talk about some special methods!


according to your keywords, find a large flow of words in the popular Baidu word list, such as you do the pig, then you can write a swine flu "(must be close to your site, don’t write Xiao Shenyang cement), then make a word on this page this page, as close to the theme of your website is best, the best control within 20KB. Then, do this crazy web page, go to the big forums, the community, and these are your own times.

then find a word, and then make a web page, then do 3 pages, continue to do the chain, after a few days, you look at the statistics which page visits, then you have to change this page, add some content, or a directory structure so, can a little higher weight.

in short, pay more attention to the hot stuff on the Internet and convert it into your own traffic. That’s the truth!


SEO does is thinking, not routine,


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