today to help a friend to get shlf1314 Adsense to pay advertising costs, to a not previously visited network, Chongqing Jiangbei District in the Guanyin Bridge bank teller, actually asked to fill out shlf1314 phone.

payment written in the "name", "name" don’t write in
payment telephone: +1.6506234000


ID card was used to do bank card, and overdraft ten thousand cash

uses other people’s ID cards to handle mobile phone cards, which causes heavy losses and

I explained to the salesperson that we are on the Internet, and that we are all connected via the Internet. For example, e-mail, we have never had any telephone calls. The other party has not and cannot tell me the phone number. But the woman killed the demon evil dumped over a word: "no call to get the money!"

and everyone is mixed up, and you should know the importance and danger of privacy.

what attitude is that? Don’t be a bank member!

why are there so many alliances that you don’t need, just a few of your alliances? What on earth do you have in mind?

I, accompanied by friends at least 20 times for Western Union business, had never been asked to fill out the shlf1314 company’s phone, and even many even when shlf1314 address of the company do not have the complete, but not to fill out the shlf1314 phone can not.

ID was cloned, but the real owner claims compensation 300 thousand

network, there are so many cheats and so many fake ID cards, where are the fake ID cards coming from?

currently needs to provide identity cards to pay for the alliance:

who can protect our information security?

signature: now many of the so-called web alliance company, many are in the collection of affiliate id photocopy of the. And claims that only in this way can the commission be paid, otherwise all income is not paid.

then looked for an Internet cafe to enter the Adsense backstage to check the payment information, but he didn’t find the shlf1314 company telephone. Finally, by querying shlf1314 domain name registration information, found a phone +1.6506234000, fill it out, it is not the Adsense Department of the phone, but I thought, ABC is certainly impossible to verify. This time OK, and finally get the money.

PR website alliance, even a privacy policy are not, also want you to protect the Id photocopy of us?

current situation, a so-called company alliance, all day is not this foot, that is the collapse, and see how many league Admin5 League dead? The alliance is dead. What about our webmaster’s personal information?

, if there are other alliances, would like to add…

Alibaba Forum: should the customer provide a copy of identity card

just finished taking the money back on the Internet, and tell you this experience, if you encounter when you want to fill out the shlf1314 company’s phone call, you can fill in +1.6506234000

left a cell phone number in the union, and was also sent spam messages by some unions all day long?.

some union excuse is: bank remittance need to produce ID card. Do you think we haven’t done any remittance? Which bank account remittance need to copy the ID card of the other party?

online anti addiction system so many fake ID card information from where?

leads Kurt South Korea sole proprietorship

……. >

female candidates to apply for a copy of identity cards, but was used to register companies and guarantee leisurely, leading to major compensation cases

In the age of

excuse me, who gave you the right to collect photocopies of your membership card?

identity card was forged, identity information was stolen, how much damage?

personal damage caused by identity card case:

alliance security issues:

and before, members of an outdated group disclosed that an alliance had information about selling members to make money.

finally wrote all the shlf1314 company’s complete data:

originally, full-time Adsense because there is no work support, no company support, and legal protection also drink less, living expenses depend on those advertising fees.

pr Name: shlf1314 Inc.

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