this situation shows that the vast number of investors in the New York company’s stock demand strong. It was listed just a year ago, driven by a surge in sales of digital pictures and video, and its share price has risen by 240%. Since IPO, it has performed far ahead of market expectations in each quarter and is currently approaching $2 billion 500 million. But its stock is not cheap. Its trailing earnings reached 45 shlf1314 Corporation shlf1314 is 28, the Apple Corp Apple 12, analysts expect this ratio to 2014 at the end of the year will be as high as 65. Analysts say the demand for Shutterstock shares is largely due to investors looking for a "good story" in medium-sized technology companies". The question is whether the company can achieve steady growth in revenue as the market expected.

"They do set high goals for themselves," said

at the end of 2012, Shutterstock’s total sales reached $169 million, gross profit of $105 million, profits jumped 40% compared to 2011. And this year, its revenues and profits have been steadily rising. More recently, it has signed an agreement with Facebook to allow advertisers to use their photos and expand the content video catalogue. At the same time, it is also actively expanding the international market. In 2012, it has 72% of the revenue from the market outside the United States 2012 in European sales totaled US $62 million 900 thousand, US $60 million, the rest of the world market for $46 million 700 thousand, is now the website is translated into 20 languages.

CEO sold his company’s stock, which is not a good omen. But last month, when Shutterstock Jon Olinger in two offering more large-scale selling his own the material pictures of 2 million 500 thousand shares of the company, the company’s share price has been soaring, rose to 17% exceeded $70 mark.

, Sina and Sohu, the two of China’s most famous portals increasingly showing decline. Sohu released yesterday’s two quarter 2005 quarter earnings report, not only total revenue fell 5% over the same period last year, profits are 28% decline over the same period last year. Sina, which has not yet announced its second quarter earnings, has seen a 36% decline in the first quarter of this year compared with the same period last year.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

, equity analyst at Royal Bank of Canada, Andre Sequinn. Investors are widely expected to maintain a high growth rate."

Shutterstock is very clear and direct. With the popularity of broadband, more and more people blog users, companies, entrepreneurs begin to roam the world through the internet. As more and more people visit websites via mobile platforms like mobile phones and tablets, demand for pictures and videos has exploded. % >

The growth path of

Shutterstock’s digital library has collected 30 million pictures, selling three photos per second for an average of $2.33 per second. After the audit feeds people continue to upload photos, if their photos were bought, will be able to share the price of 30%.

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