what are the standard features of Chinese entrepreneurs? What do they need most?


in front of everyone is more familiar, and behind the Warby Parker, in fact, with me in 2010, before and after the foot in China and the United States set up, located in the Internet start-ups glasses company. I used to have a lot of investors said "optometry car door glasses" mode is to follow the Warby Parker point, but check the two company’s history will know that our model was born early and they at least 3 years, and the start time of company and project than they had about half a year, so we can’t talk about who to follow who.


imagine, when we want to ask questions of others, you one word, a minute to call a few words, so people must answer your impatience, at least we want to speed up, make the problem clear. But don’t ask several questions in front of a senior neither painful nor itching, ask questions, also can reflect our wisdom.

used to listen to a friend of the United States said that in Silicon Valley, some small successful entrepreneurs usually have a set of standard: take Uber, Tesla, iOS and Android with smart devices, wear no logo cotton T-shirt, wearing Warby Parker…

China is a place where entrepreneurial atmosphere is stronger than in the United States. "Chinese entrepreneurs" is a growing group, and is even being viewed as an emerging market consumer". Why is SaaS so hot from last year to this year, because a lot of start-up companies have a huge demand for it?. So, similarly, as founders of start-up companies, entrepreneurs themselves in consumption, there is also a huge upgrade demand? The answer must be yes,

as a peer Warby Parker team can put yourself into a U.S. hot start-up companies in the past five or six years, the Home Try On model highlights are also all over the world a lot of startups to emulate. Although the professional perspective, the brand has many deficiencies and deficiencies, but this does not affect him to become one of the global leader in innovative retail glasses.

second, will build your own blog, the necessary website code, you still have to understand,

?In this

the first and most basic typing should be faster, which is the most basic communication condition

third, learn how to use several promotional techniques and methods,

well, in fact, a lot of people do Wangzhuan, but really can do only a few more successful, I hope you can become successful one. This article is for: 668wzw reprint, please keep

this is also the promotion must master, all kinds of promotion techniques and methods can make us do everything half work times.

many people do not understand the industry Wangzhuan blindly to join the ranks, almost all follow the footsteps of others to go, this has led many people to become someone else’s free labor, even being any fish in the object, while they can not earn a penny. As a novice in Wangzhuan quickly create a heaven and earth is a very easy thing, this may be the first half of the year, one year, two years, or even longer, so we need to exercise at any time, first to learn knowledge, can be used in the following development, finally success. So, do Wangzhuan should grasp what technology is

, I in March of this year from the end of December last year, made a simple "community" test, found the prospect.


the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Warby Parker and Uber, Tesla, iOS and Android put together as a standard, respect each other enough to see American entrepreneurs to "start" the thing itself. For their own group created by the "value" of the affirmative.

I really appreciate

it is that we should know how to promote their own projects, the general is the need to make money online promotion, using available resources, to promote projects to play to the best effect, this is the premise of making money, if you do not build a blog, how to promote /p>? "

so I think, had no previous glasses, except when the reporter, a restaurant, liquor, I also do a lot to the enterprise management consulting, training and planning, positioning is usually from the gender, age, income or expansion of the special characteristics of the sub culture, and now this "business groups" is not there are many common features of the group? So whether they should have some "standard" their

fourth, the construction site and take formal Wangzhuan road


first of all, the entrepreneur’s desire to learn


anyway, if you want good, their long-term development to make money online business, of course, so the construction site must be to learn, will only build a website, or not, we will learn about SEO optimization technology is the site, if the last one to do good, so you more than three some can not to do. Site construction requires a certain technology, there are a lot of information on the Internet, I hope you like to make friends to learn.

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