Cai Wensheng holds a 38.32% stake in Mito, which is worth about 12 billion yuan at current market capitalisation. In addition, Cai Wensheng through its holding 84.83% stake in the long collar investment, as well as its individual, invested a total of hundreds of enterprises, including many 58 city, storm group and other listed companies, as well as several new three board company. Comprehensive calculations, after the listing of Mito, Cai Wensheng himself or will become the new richest man in Xiamen.

"I always see something different from other people."." Cai Wensheng said in an interview with NetEase science and technology. In the early days, these "different things", more refers to some grassroots needs. Cai Wensheng did not drop out of school after graduating from high school and was exposed to the Internet late, precisely because of this, he knew more about the needs of the grassroots. He has done 265 site navigation, investment 58 city and storm video are in this category.

, however, shlf1314’s competitor, sh419, has also taken this model of online advertising. Wang Ying emphasizes, shlf1314 AdSense is not exclusive, partner site can choose other online advertising alliance, "here, we don’t want a paper agreement has become the shackles of both sides."."

Cai Wensheng was born in Fujian, Quanzhou in 1970, and is now at the same age as the Chinese Internet’s most powerful Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Ding Lei and other entrepreneurs. The difference is that Cai Wensheng entered the Internet late, from 1985 to 2000, he, like most of Fujian businessmen, did the most profitable series of business at that time – stall, sell clothing, real estate. Until 2000, Cai Wensheng was the domain name business into the Internet industry a lot of curve.

as an innovative means of network marketing, shlf1314 partner site as long as by showing shlf1314 ads and website content in the Union website, you can click on ads from visitors or browse gain, let site traffic into revenue. In 2008 alone, shlf1314 had $5 billion to share with its global partner sites." Wang Ying told reporters, at present, shlf1314 in the global partner site has more than 1 million, and China regional partner site has more than 100 thousand, "it can be said that China is shlf1314’s global growth is a big bright spot."."

"for partner sites, shlf1314 AdSense isn’t exclusive."." Recently, in shlf1314’s "speed up trend, wisdom to win the future – 2009shlf1314AdSense partners day" media communication meeting, shlf1314 Greater China advertising League Manager Wang Ying told reporters. She said that the current shlf1314 China partners site revenue has become one of shlf1314’s fastest growing regions in the world.

, Mito officially announced the landing in Hong Kong, the issue price of HK $8.5 per share, the global total sale of 574 million shares, this calculation, Mito the financing of approximately HK $4 billion 880 million, the overall market value of nearly $4 billion 600 million, becoming the largest science and technology IPO Hongkong stock market in 2004, ten years after the listing of the Tencent, at the same time is following the addition of wandering holdings, Cai Wensheng technology, third listed company in Hongkong.

but in the later stage, Cai Wensheng had much foresight outside the grass roots, which was most vividly reflected in the company. Although the company did not make money early, but now has 456 million months live users, help Cai Wensheng successfully caught on the mobile Internet business wheel. Accompany >

but that does not affect his success. Although Cai Wensheng like Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang such as the Silicon Valley and elite returnees have vision of technical expertise, unlike Ding Lei and Ma Huateng have the same local geeks temperament, no Ma as superior business integration ability and the relationship between government and business, but this does not prevent him from becoming the best commercial value found in Chinese Internet domain.

November 29, 2016, Cai Wensheng flew from Xiamen to Hongkong, began the first day of Mito company Hongkong IPO forward stroke. The second day early in the morning, he excitedly sent a picture with two friends, one is the Victoria Harbour, one is the meeting of wind and clouds, through the processing of personal beauty camera self timer, "good morning Hongkong, at the start of the day".

After the two week of December 15th,

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