hybux bpbux NeoBux tuibux BuxWiz evernity the six station advertising page and click on the way in which tuibux BuxWiz evernity is similar to that of the three stations is not at the same time can click on the influence between them, these three sites can only open an advertising page, can put them in a group.

I did 11 station, goldptcitaly payperuse fastcashptr of the three station advertising click on the page and the process is similar, the three stations in the click, can not be opened at the same time, to the three station, you can only open a advertising page, even if you put the three sites are all opened, it can only display a page advertisement, the mutual influence between them, put them in a group, can the end point of a station, and then click a station. Easy to manage, there will be no leakage.


click on the station a lot, but careful analysis can be found, they are still rules, although it is different from the main advertising advertising, but many clicks and click on the ads in a similar way, we can use this feature to improve their efficiency, click. Here are a few of their own click on the characteristics of the station simply talk about.

1 seriously read the terms, although still may be K

2 K’s website ensures that there is no problem with the content, it is best to edit: layout, style, theme… Change!

3 to apply for a new domain name, the old domain name turned to come over

4 change the name of the applicant, such as: GF, BF, parents…

5 change the address, such as: unit, school, grandmother, father’s family……

6 in all scripts PHP, add the following code and then put the ad code in it


$currentdomain=$_SERVER" SERVER_NAME";

$urlquery=$_SERVER" QUERY_STRING";

$urlscriptname=$_SERVER" SCRIPT_NAME";

if $currentdomain==" www.old" old" $currentdomain==" ||; {
header " location:new".$urlscriptname." ".$urlquery;



is obviously slightly, ha ha…

7 advertising code must be added to the "channel", so that the "open / close" advertising broadcast

8 closing the channel when the income is close to 200 knives that month

secondly, after you save the web site, a reasonable grouping is a shortcut to further improve your speed. So how do you group it? That’s the sort of ad that you click. The principle is to influence each other in a group, not affect each other in different groups, so that when you click, you can open a site in each group, each other will not affect.

third, for ease of administration, you can create several folders in your favorites name, which are called click station 1 and click 2,…… You divide several groups and you can create several groups. How to create? Click "Favorites" – add to Favorites – new folder, enter file name, divided into several groups, repeat this step several times.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan

now do a lot of click on the station, everyone in the process of clicking, will involve a problem, how can we click faster?. If you click one by one and count dozens of stations a day, I’m afraid a few hours will be over. You must think a lot while clicking on the station, this method is good, but if not the analysis of click speed may also quickly not to go, because some sites are affected each other, the operation is not good, not only can improve the speed, but also reduce the speed. So what do you do,

first of all, no matter how many stations you do, click on the site every day, and it’s very slow to enter the URL in the search bar. Want to hurry up, what must do is to save the site in the favorites. In this way, click the URL directly in your favorite folder every day. It opens much faster than the web site.

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