We talk about the advantages of the soft

held in Shenzhen in September 6th "sh419 entrepreneurs Salon", respectively, entrepreneurship has poor entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs must learn to poor business, because "two rich generation entrepreneurs, ordinary people are more difficult to meet."

first, to the net friend has the value, the content is interested. If your article is almost all written by others, the purpose is to flatter yourself, only a little bit of content is to modify the others, such a soft text is meaningless.

from the soft example of promotion, we can see, you first have to have a high content of the soft Wen, here we say soft Wen, the so-called soft Wen, there are several aspects:

Said Li Xueling >

advertising is one of the essential conditions for the development of a website, webmaster do website promotion, in order to let more people understand oneself do site, especially those newly established new station and more publicity, so propaganda for the webmaster do stand is an essential task. Otherwise, the equivalent of a dead dead station, how to make their sites do rhythmical vitality,? The next golden Wangzhuan carefully talk about the site promotion content, we hope to provide more help. It is divided into video promotion and soft text propaganda, so far, they are the best way to publicize.

"a particularly poor period of time, in fact, our entire community grew relatively large wealth.". When we were poor, we made a lot of decisions, chose a lot of directions, did a lot of things and brought us great benefits later." Recall the first started to play the game network of houses, four or five personal status, Li Xueling this feeling.

down here, I will give you an example, such as "kill Wang Laoji", the content about this, "Wang Laoji, you! Donate one hundred million, was 200 times for Wang Shi to punish you! The arrogance of the enterprises, we decided to buy the supermarket light Wang Laoji! A bottle is not left!" just a few words, words can not only express the important contributions, the sale of the purchase, and the use of the image by words — the same as can be imagined, it is blocked by many friends of Wang Laoji to reprint, spread, sales increased many times over in the past, but also to establish a good brand image.


, let’s first talk about the advantages of video. Here I give you an example to illustrate that you are very clear about it. Such as the recent users in the Alibaba to do the video: the president was throwing shoes then trigger a bloody battle. On the network caused a great sensation, it is constantly spread, but can imagine in a few days when the video officially came out, it can produce effects can be imagined.

, on the other hand, is to publicize and let more users participate in the discussion of this information. This A5 blog alliance can be achieved, such as Sina, , NetEase, Sohu and so on. They contain not only the high content of the soft Wen, but also in the domestic large-scale portal carried out related publicity. The advantage of doing so is to improve their site’s trademark image is very good, not only can attract many users, and most importantly, your website ranking will also be promoted. From the above we can see that it is not a random text to find some related article, casual nongnong good, it is necessary to describe according to its own unique style of the site, but also Never mind if you are not good at writing, you can make good writing. Familiarity with an industry, soft text will be recognized by users and automatically reprinted.

because the initial resources are limited, Li Xueling suggests that entrepreneurs must concentrate all their resources in a small area. "You have ambitious ambitions, but be sure to choose a big breakthrough point."." It was also considered by Li Xueling as a good way to defeat giants. Started to play the game network, 17173 has about 200 editorial team, Li Xueling’s team only four people, compared to the conventional game portal covering 200 games, play the game network chose only Warcraft, know later team development to 30 people, it doesn’t have to change. So Li Xueling YY’s speech, he put all the stability optimization of YY speech, even refused to investors to optimize software interface requirements, in exchange for the YY voice soon attracted to the core of the user’s attention, and gradually formed a reputation.


for entrepreneurship, Li Xueling said, the most important thing is to choose the direction, "small companies trial and error opportunities are generally 2 times, and the third time may die."." Li Xueling warned entrepreneurs must not enter a recession industry "," do you think you can only turn the tide, it will only take a bunch of brothers into the swamp." Started to play the game network, Li Xueling took a fancy to the high growth of the game, decided to take a ride.

don’t promote

on the one hand, when you’re poor, you don’t have the money to promote; on the other hand, "Early mistakes you make need a feedback, and a promotion destroys the authenticity of this feedback."


tried and killed third times and died,

in the enterprise development process, Li Xueling has not spent any energy for promotion, he also does not recommend the entrepreneur premature try to promote.

was then almost dominated by 17173 Monopoly game portals, with Li Xueling’s second favorite qualities – a big one. "One family is big, which proves that this field is right, and without the second and third with the boss, the boss will be very tired, leaving a very good market gap for the new company to enter."." And Li Xueling’s most "afraid" into the "duopoly market", each of them in the struggle to practice a high depth of martial arts, new entrants will die miserably.

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