to write this article, mainly to talk about their own experience and feeling this way, even in a word, a word, if we can help you or be able to make you aware of something, I will feel very happy. Because I believe in a gift economy, and we all share a little and contribute a little, our society will continue to grow.

, and after the investment, many investors expressed different views, some representatives of investment banking agencies also feel that 3 hundred million of the valuation is too high. At that time, some investors pointed out that, in terms of investment value, it has not verified whether the Papi sauce has continued content research and development mode and ability, after which she can still make this kind of content remains to be seen.

every entrepreneur has a dream of becoming a millionaire. I am no exception, although I am still a sophomore, although I am still wandering in the initial stage of entrepreneurship. I believe that the people who are looking at this article at this time have a great wealth dream in their hearts.

, a controversial investment,

so, I began to contact Wangzhuan industry, at the beginning, because of what they do, so do a lot to try. I have done, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, browse the web survey, also made the Witkey forum. After doing all kinds of things, I did make money, but it was hard money, sweat and money, and investment was not directly proportional to income. Now I experienced, that I was in the food chain at the bottom, is the so-called "Wangzhuan of migrant workers".


well, well. I grew up in the countryside, because of this experience, I grew up very hungry for wealth. And when I got into college, the desire for wealth was even stronger. I always thought, "I have to do something. I don’t feel secure when I go on like this."."

"go to sea" practice


November 23rd, Papi sauce broker and company legal representative Yang Ming in WeChat circle of friends said, Luo thinking has "original price" out of all investment projects, including the Papi sauce project. The so-called "original price", which means that Luo thinking involved in the Papi sauce, advertising, auction and other events, did not actually invest a penny, but with the original price divestment.

from the national enterprise credit information system to be able to see, in August 29th, the company Papi sauce Xuzhou rain listen to thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd., has completed the change of split equity, logical thinking operators Beijing thinking creation has disappeared from the list of shareholders of Cci Capital Ltd.

without knowledge is not terrible, you can still study. No idea is the most terrible thing in the world. After so much training, I became rational and matured. Recently, I have a good >

but also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. The higher production threshold means the sustainability of content production is difficult. Innovation factory investment director Chen Yuetian frankly, Papi sauce is not worth investing. In his view, Papi sauce from the past to the post screenwriter, shooting, performance and editing are one person to play, and not enough market-oriented, it is difficult to scale growth, and in general can not form a replicable production mechanism.


‘s Papi sauce, which burned almost at the same time, was also in trouble after Amy’s online condemnation.

, there’s one thing I have to point out. When do these Wangzhuan, I found a foreign Wangzhuan site, do click on browse the web, at alarmingly high, a little advertising $5, more than $20, while you browse an advertisement only need about one minute. You don’t believe it, believe it or not. Anyway, I believe it. After a period of time, the money in the account is more and more. I feel like my ass is sitting on the rocket. I want to go to heaven. Who wants to think that after a period of time, that website has been sealed, and TM pit father is really…… Have to sigh with emotion, oneself is really childish very much. Here, with their own personal experience to tell friends, when making money, must use the brain rational thinking, the sky is really not falling from the pie,

currently, Papi sauce company shareholders only Yang Ming, Jiang Yilei Papi sauce real name, real fund, light source capital, star chart capital. In other words, after months of financing, the Papi sauce was quietly abandoned by one of the investors’ logical thinking.

money has a lot to do with a person’s sense of security,

summary, some investors think Papi sauce project has several natural flawed, such as content creation can not be standardized, often fall into.

March 2016, Papi sauce obtained 12 million yuan financing, valuation of 300 million yuan, known as "2016 first net red", become the inspirational example of content entrepreneurship. In the 12 million yuan of investment, the real fund, Luo Ji thinking were invested 5 million, light source capital and star map capital were invested 1 million.

Zhang capital founder Fan Weifeng said, Papi sauce in meet the user’s emotional needs are Tucao, concentrate, video, higher efficiency, and higher degree than many similar text media more valuable. "Her core competencies lie in higher production thresholds, stronger content productivity, high recognition levels, lower consumer thresholds, and a wide range of target user groups."

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