enterprise station optimization is not short of time, the enterprise is not responsible for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng station, but only limited to keyword optimization mode more and more well done, yes, we do Shanghai Longfeng precisely optimization optimization of Shanghai Longfeng flow. A enterprise stand content is limited, the general enterprise stand product is very small, the lack of content from the long tail word flow is less. Get more meaningful is the flow of Shanghai Longfeng people, as everyone knows, dispersed flow is an important part of the web traffic is not limited, we often say that the traffic from search engine. Here’s to the enterprise of the station for example:

ready to long tail words, next is the product of the article and dispersed flow platform, based on B2C platform and love Shanghai library as an example, many enterprises in some stations are on the B2C platform release information of supply and demand, but did not pay attention to optimize the product description or the products, to stand for the enterprise, the third party the platform is also a good place to display products, as to which the B2C platform not long winded, love Shanghai, many of the B2C platform, the key is how to optimize the product title and description information, to know the inside page ranking is also very important, but usually we love some products on the website directly copied counterparts the description of this will lead to a lot of published data on the B2C platform are not included if you love Shanghai, are not many, so still Yourself to write some of the content. Or by the internal staff to write, because they know the products most, or are looking for writers to write.

talk about love Shanghai Library of this platform, love Shanghai library advantages can be easily get good rankings, just search a long tail word, fell in love with sea such as NSK bearing code, can see the first page ranking is from several love Shanghai library, Shanghai library and so with love >


as shown above, this is a business of the station, the main products are: NSK bearings, NSK bearings imported bearing products, and many enterprises station, now the traffic rarely, in addition to insist on doing the optimization of keywords (mainly several main keywords optimization). Have to pay attention to some scattered traffic sources, such as: Shanghai library, Shanghai love love experience sharing, B2C platform. Of course, if the enterprises do micro-blog marketing or promotion of soft paper also get some traffic, but we can not ignore an important problem, that is the conversion rate of flow, only those who want to understand the product or to purchase products to customers is meaningful, so the first step is to analyze this part of the customer which will search keywords that is to say, the first to do a long tail keywords thesaurus, of course usually to mining long tail keywords. The author took the case to say, I had a long tail word form EXCE, as follows:


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