many new friends get bug marketing software can’t wait to enter the blog group, the forum message, but also know the chain is very important, but in the absence of in-depth understanding of the chain before we have a misunderstanding, do not solve these errors will be very difficult for us to do the chain, then you with no hard software are also used to do. Today, www.chong贵族宝贝 told the Shanghai dragon new friends misunderstanding what to avoid.

in the chain the moment we must know whether meaningful chain we do, that is to say that the link to our website can bring weight, until now our main chain (anchor text link) is at the mass of soft, mass Bowen, bulk forum added, these all have a certain weight link, but we must pay attention to is the source code does nofllow do shielding these links, we let the data, a blog really useless? "Also mentioned what is the effect of the blog link, we can see, in addition to how to collect high weight.

two, work and failure to link

, a Shanghai love chain with relevant domain

love Shanghai related domain and the chain has worked with the failure of the points, but where is the difference? Failure related domain and the chain is mostly a pure text of the domain name, the implementation we have no way to click, it lightly into our website, for the relevant domain is the domain name can be clicked on our website, we can put this part on domain called our chain domain, we think the most effective chain is to manifest the description text hyperlink click, these have a direct impact on the weight of our key. We are now in the works outside the chain. Therefore, when adding keywords with software bugs must use a large number of anchor text form to add.

up to now has more than one hundred percent chain 80 query tool domain to inquire the love of Shanghai as the chain link love Shanghai, feel this is wrong, because we found that domain is now under the direction of inquiry to include our domain name text style, such as Chong Shanghai, another www.7sola贵族宝贝, the domain name a, domain found a lot of 7sola, so that we can not call the chain, which is related to a domain name, because the definition of the chain is from other websites into own links, and this apparent text number, is not attributable to the link category and if you want to join the links, then add in software bugs to add keywords, do some form of a URL link, allowing the user to click into your own website No, although the weight of the anchor text is so high, but also can have the effect, but be careful not to overdo.


three, the weight of the chain of

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