single-handed free occupation way really tired, learn the construction site, while holding the Zan Hui "Shanghai dragon combat password", a web site with complex drive station system, combined with the domestic space, domain name registration after the record, this website has been third months. And also, just put the "Shanghai dragon combat code completion. >

today to see the "novice webmaster experience of the site, the more valuable than Shanghai," one article, very sympathetic, want to share from the solitary rattan factory technician went to the course now Shanghai dragon er.

1, engineering graduate factory

2011 – 2012: see above you will feel out of bitterness, because bitterness started just now. From a company after the resignation to Shanghai dragon is only a preliminary understanding, maybe Shanghai is the time to start a fire dragon, perhaps at work serendipitously put a hot word home page (up to now, keep the home page ranking) the idea was to do a few words of his similar ranking, three months the income will be more than the manager’s salary, so resolutely resigned on freedom of occupation way.

2009 – 2010: graduated from University, always thinking of professional counterparts, the factory seems to become the only choice. The middle to two factories, said the first job after graduation was the most important, will affect the future occupation career. But my first job for me is a nightmare, holding a wrench into the machine and do every day, 39 degrees flying around the summer workshop, cotton, work every day is full of hand contact with the machine air.

is a medium-sized e-commerce company, my job is to maintain and promote the CPS alliance. Have your own computer, office desk, air conditioning, 8 hours a day, live in the company to arrange the apartment, as before in the factory of the day, the difference between heaven and hell is.

2010 – 2011: now do not know at that time is the first network promotion work where the courage to go for an interview with no experience, remember the interview resume: obsessed with the Internet and switch, although there is no network marketing experience, but a comprehensive study of the Zan Hui "network marketing," password "network marketing book, familiar with office software, obtained the national computer grade two examination certificate…….

this is a very energetic company, the company from the top to the general staff, is full of 80 90. During that time I work hard every day, more than 10 points in their own company or study or work overtime, often is the last one to leave the dormitory, often coming to one or two in the morning, there are a lot like me full of ambition for the Internet, some colleagues privately tried to drive a Taobao store, see CEOs talk mall outsourcing……

3, resigned to become Shanghai dragon free occupation

, 2 switch network, become a small white


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