registration time: 2010.8.23 date: 2012.8.23



domain name: (following B instead of

before the domain name have a single page for 2 months, did the chain more than 3000 (reference YAHOO chain), then stop parsing, when re enabled love Shanghai Google have delete snapshots.



old domain name: www.vxage贵族宝贝 (following A instead of

time: 2011.05.17 expiration time: 2013.05.17

general webmaster know: a website or domain name and bind multiple domain names have to do a 310 redirect. Because the 301 redirect the old domain name can be passed to the new domain name, weight pr. Some time ago I also encountered this situation when setting up a blog, so the process of recording and simple data, two methods "before also wrote an article on the PHP 301 redirect article" WordPress simple 301 redirect, while writing is WordPress, in fact as long as it is basically PHP suitable, I hope useful for everyone.


2011.05.20 start time, end time: 2011.06.30, which lasted one and a half

old domain name 301 redirection, the chain before the old domain is passed to the new domain name (with Google as the standard, the Google chain will be updated once a month)

The new

2011.06.28: Google today to a big update, each month at the end of Google external chain data update, you can clearly see the changes of the chain. At this time the chain A domain name didn’t change what. A new domain name B Google chain increased, from 0 to 16, can be found in Google.


2011.05.27 on the web site to do a 301 redirect. The old domain name A301 will redirect to the new domain name B.

3. test time:

test process

2011.06.15 love Shanghai and Google have removed the snapshot of the old domain name A, indicating that 301 of love Shanghai and Google have effect.

2011.05.17 to buy a new space and new domain name, and analytical and binding A, B domain name, can not do a 301 redirect visit at the same time. The third day of Shanghai, Google included new domain name and old domain name, A and B have a snapshot.


2. Test Objective:

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