third is an hour a day out of the routine inspection, Links will be checked again every day, I remember last Friday, is the two day, just because there is no friend to check.

actually wanted to write this article, but because of his laziness, always shirk, so there has been no writing, the purpose of writing this article, one is to spur their own, on the other hand, hope you learn a lesson, to the site to do better.

is actually a lot of things are very simple, just want our brains, so a few things, but I believe that a large part of the webmaster, Shanghai dragon, may make this common problem, a day to send the chain, made a lot of good, anyway. It should be helpful for the website, but do not want to use your head, to analyze the chain, in the end of the us much help to the website no good. I sometimes make similar problems, do not want to go back to see yesterday to do things, because to check will waste a lot of energy, but then slowly to form a habit, the analysis as part of daily work.

second, is to check in the station, how the article published yesterday included how, how to click a quantity, which published in time most likely to be included, after long-term observation must be part of the experience. As our website, now I have a clear idea of the habit of spiders, usually at 11 in the morning post yesterday, before 5 PM were included, if after 5, to publish words, is not easily collected, then observed the habit, I now hair stand inside the article, as far as possible every day we edit the sooner the better send.

first, I will check the work yesterday, where post, how included then check the post if it is good, it will continue to send, or increase the amount of post, in order to increase the outer chain on your own website, if not good, I will go to take a look at this website recently the weight, included, as I used to love in a push for posting, but recently this period of time, a push often attack, server instability, database maintenance often posts, of course included is not very good, so I made observations for a week, decisive no, go back to open up new resources.

webmaster, there are actually a lot of things to do, instead of simple daily update web site, find the chain came to an end, we need to do more, to analyze the day before work results, analysis of the rankings off, the chain fell, the reason included rate off, but webmasters often because of lazy psychology, then you do not have to do, just one day to stuffy head crazy hair the chain, and what the chain made included how, have the effect of increasing. Every day is done in the old place without the help of ranking, or should it to develop new chain website.


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