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is unremittingly do anything to do more spirit, Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is a long-term project, not only effective immediately, continue to enjoy the kind of sense of achievement. Secondly, the need for a mild mindset to compression, ranking up and down, correctly treat the ranking changes, constantly sum up experience to be amended, out of adversity. Each outstanding Shanghai dragon will have its own unique summed up a set of optimization scheme.

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accidentally entered the Shanghai dragon industry for nearly half a year, the half year experience from full-time soy sauce to complete the optimization task to your Dudangyimian took over under the guidance of new sites in the fields. It is not only full of sad more joy slowly and then make learning summary scores. Perhaps as Laoniao said, Shanghai dragon that simple, hard to say. Rookie should keep up with the pace of innovation, based on accumulated experience in the fields, in order to Shanghai dragon industry further more easily. Here, to talk about what to do for the rookie Shanghai Dragon View:

three, maintain a good attitude summed up

people have curiosity, the spider is no exception, for the novelty of the article is more interested in. This requires the network editors play to their strengths, write the original rich web content, to attract the spider to optimize their effect. Before the entry, veteran will say "within the chain is king, the chain for the emperor." Is this truth.

chain is an important part of an integral optimization. In today’s colorful and complicated network environment, various network promotion raging like a storm. How do the promotion optimization, will need to explore in these ways. Exchange Links; BBS promotion, micro-blog promotion, classified information and other ways to merge with each other, to increase the site of quality chain.

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