can be reduced to a great extent similarity. Of course, this also requires a certain professional ability. For example, how to eliminate some of the same data. Can be collected according to the classification, then combined.

The data source site This

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First, we put forward some problems of

quote: "everybody in 2016 for English website optimization, the biggest feeling is hard to optimize website success, ranking does not go on. Less orders, tried a lot of methods do not get satisfactory results. This is why? In this I can say is not practical, opportunistic. Many people may be found in the analysis of the competition site, the other chain is very few, but the ranking is very good, this is what causes it, probably because the chain of high quality, or because the domain name age long, or with some very means. Of course, do not rule out these possibilities. But in fact, most likely is the site of the internal optimization is excellent, how to say. Then we have to share with you about the present, how should do website optimization:

1. acquisition of multiple site data

a lot of people do website included an on-line has become the biggest problem, basically are included and the number of products out of proportion. For example, a site of 1000 products. Single collection is only a few hundred or even lower. You might think the optimization of each other do. Why is this single. You may be attributed to the release of Google included slow. Single in fact. Good website Google included express. Is not the same. As long as the content on the website. Google will be included in a short period of time. Then gradually screening, but Google will not, for a new sites, Google will be compared to the station and has been included in the database at the same time, if it is found that the similarity of these data to a certain extent (compared to Google and the existing database website so you will have a big problem. It is my first mentioned work is not practical, opportunistic, or reported to have luck, the search engine has developed more than 10 years, is no longer the primary stage. There may be intelligent analysis of Web site problems. There is no meaning for those simple modification of website friends basically. But have to say in this case most are copying each other. But it is impossible to avoid the situation. So how can well solve the problems included

we do not see a website to collect, but the need for selective acquisition, such as the choice of some itself is a modified site, more details of the products, or fine classification. Do the site quality will be further improved, like pseudo original articles like you. If you find an original article on false original, so the readability of the article will be higher. If a is itself after countless ravaged articles pseudo original, as can be imagined effect.

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