Environmental friendly store selection techniques to help you successfully shop

environmental protection stores are very popular with people in life, but if the business does not have a good location, so we can not operate successfully, so environmental protection industry shop how more money? Here to share with you what to consider environmental protection stores location problem.

before an industry franchise, location is the primary factor to join the chain operation, the correct location of the chain, not only is the prerequisite for success, it is also the precondition and foundation of chain management standardization, simple and professional. Site selection is generally two levels of approval system, through the consent of the two committees, one is to join the party where the company, the other is the headquarters. Join the global network to introduce the relevant environmental protection project site selection of the relevant steps.

, a division of


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Do car beauty business should be how to choose

car beauty business can take to join this way, car beauty shop franchise is a good way to find, is very important for the project, with high technical content of the service is able to adapt to the development of the market, take a look at the location of what techniques have!

the owner of the car home after you can find professionals to put the car up, without any extra go astray, this means provides a convenient and timesaving shop is a natural sign, with various real estate supermarket in a sense.

Second, near the gas station and auto repair shop.

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Men’s clothing stores need to think about what problems do

men are more and more attention in the food and clothing, men’s clothing industry in today’s development is very rapid, worthy of our choice of industry, some entrepreneurs see open men’s clothing stores promising, choose Open Men’s clothing stores. When entrepreneurs have the intention of investment, we must begin to consider all relevant issues, find a way to deal with, so entrepreneurs in the operation of men’s franchise stores, in order to go more smoothly. So, what are the problems that entrepreneurs need to think about it?

men to join a variety of factors shop site to consider the flow of people, traffic, audience and traffic generation, only the large flow of people, traffic convenience to ensure traffic, only a clear audience in order to determine the size of the store, the mode of operation, price, style of decoration, only to choose "good position to juke" to ensure good business.

men’s franchise business is also essential to the marketing strategy, the use of good marketing tools to help increase sales performance, brand awareness. Men’s clothing stores can take the "discount", "price", "buy clothes jewelry gift", "seasonal processing" and other marketing methods, such promotions are often able to attract customers, increase sales and promotional purposes. read more

Careful to bring higher sales to store operations

in order to increase the store’s income, in order to attract more customers, and now many shops have a lot of business projects, but also the traditional shops will continue to increase their own products. Some time ago, my shop has added a vegetable business. I thought I could add an income to the store, but it didn’t take long for me to find that the vegetable business was not as good as I thought it would be. I saw the store every day to throw away a pile of rotten vegetables, I am both distressed and helpless.

I have the habit of collecting old newspapers, at noon to keep the shop boring, I took them out. A few days ago, in December 6, 2013 the "Oriental Tobacco newspaper · gold weekly" on an article entitled "Laosun selling dry tofu" article attracted my attention. The article is not long, but gave me no small inspiration.

in the homogenization of products serious today, only to meet the real needs of customers, in order to obtain effective marketing performance. Originally, the decision to make vegetables, I have also been thoughtful. Last fall, my home near the shop has a new large residential community, most of the residents have admitted that this community is very close to the county a key primary school, far away from the vegetable market, residents out of vegetables still need through the heavy traffic highway 104, very convenient. The small supermarket around the community, only the south bridge head shop that operates vegetables. According to the residents reflect that the store price of vegetables than the food market market is much higher. read more

Disabled old at the Spring Festival travel do deep open green channel of love

there are some people in the life of their travel is very inconvenient, let alone in the current peak of the arrival of the spring festival. So, how do the disabled old at the Spring Festival travel? Although the train station more tourists are returning home for Spring Festival, but in order to ensure the safe transportation, warm travel, the Shenzhen railway police station set up in conjunction with the Shenzhen travel convenience service station, opened up a green channel, helping the disabled old at the "special" passenger, anti-theft, anti robbery, propaganda spring fangpian etc to the passenger safety, to provide consultation and alarm alarming and other one-stop service, will be sent to the frontline service of love.

1 10 in the morning, Shenzhen station spring convenience service station received passenger fee to register in the 12306 service website of special focus on passenger reservation information, called to send old mother and young son take the T212 train to Hainan Shenzhen first home, because with the luggage, help the aged and the young, travel inconvenience, askingforandofferinghelp. read more

Hui Hexiang braised chicken Steamed Rice delicacy earned stop business opportunities

With the continuous improvement of our living standard, the demand for healthy eating is continuously increasing.

. Want to better health, to choose to join the Hui Hexiang Huang braised chicken rice? High quality food, worry free entrepreneurship projects!

business to do business, there must be a good project to support, it can be better to make money! He Xianghuang Hui braised chicken Steamed Rice, has three signs that delicacy, yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice, braised beef rice, braised pork rice, each product Hui Hexiang braised chicken Steamed Rice are use the best ingredients to produce, fresh and delicious.

Hui Huang braised chicken rice to join the money?

Hui Huang Huang braised chicken rice, and now the industry’s big brands, the development is very good, to many entrepreneurs hope. Hui Hexiang Steamed Rice braised chicken, 20 kinds of Chinese herbal and 20 kinds of seasoning products, ensure the quality, because the material is exquisite, so no one can store imitation, unique product characteristics, let Hui Hexiang quickly became a leader of the Steamed Rice braised chicken. read more

China University of Mining and Technology student entrepreneurship project can get large venture fun

students with the help of technology, science and technology innovation brings active thinking resources very much, in order to help them to realize their dreams, China University of Mining and Technology brings superior product platform, students entrepreneurial projects will receive 200 thousand yuan venture fund.

"jump small apple". Carter, a red robot with music, danced a little apple, amused look naive of the panel of experts. Recently, in the "2015 national college network innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals, from the China University of Mining and Technology," wooden ox team with this robot, won the grand prize, and received 200 thousand yuan reward fund, the school won the outstanding organization award.

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Beijing entrepreneurship incubator entrepreneurs dream

10 years ago, now entrepreneurs are undoubtedly more happy. They can not only have a broader market, more opportunities for development, but also to choose a new business platform – business incubator.

in the quiet mountain of Beijing at the foot of Badachu, the collision of inspiration and entrepreneurial passion in the commune, let the atmosphere here alive.

Two years ago,

"this park is very desolate, building is blank, we are the first batch of pioneers." Founder and chairman of entrepreneurship commune, Liu Xunxu said in an interview with science and technology daily reporter.

At the beginning of

2013, Beijing venture investment and Development Co., Ltd. founded the business community. In the past just in November, by the entrepreneurial community operations Zhongguancun International Passenger Center, completed and opened in the core area of Zhongguancun, only 200 meters from the Zhongguancun venture street. Limited space from here to extend the infinite open, a creative passenger cloud and entrepreneurial resources sharing innovative economic center will take root here. read more