Website design can enhance the details of 10 user experience

six picture to add ALT attribute to the advantage of Shanghai dragon,, is also good for users to avoid flash map, unless you love in the mainstream.

five. Prohibit the use of the horizontal scroll bar, vertical can accept.

. The content of the website is clear at a glance that what is the function of customer, otherwise the bounce rate will be high, the bounce rate directly affects the Shanghai love to the analysis of the user experience, the ranking changed also. Most people have no patience careful study. Including text size, color coordination, whether a new window to open the link, whether it is difficult to identify the use of flowery font, etc..

Eight. The best

four. Not when the user enters the site, a choice, like opening a package to see what’s inside, I just want to see the contents of the

as soon as possible!

these seemingly simple, seems to be a Shanghai Phoenix, but has nothing to do with the performance of the company and the customer conversion rate is closely related, I collected some of the resources on the network, the user experience of the website construction and easy mistake to share. read more

How to optimize web log mining site information

put a lot of effort in optimizing their website, will be on the website of the log of selective neglect, do not know how the web log can bring help to the site optimization, in fact, if the web log mining can profound contents, you will find the optimization of the road will become a lot easier, here can give us what kind of message Web log analysis.

first, can get the site to grab the directory information. When love Shanghai spider to your site crawling included content, you will love the Shanghai spider web log behavior will automatically record, so as long as you go to the web site log analysis, you will find the love of spiders in Shanghai to your website crawling the directory, so that you will know how to love Shanghai the spider like the content on your site. Also can know whether the spider love Shanghai to those who do not improve the weights of the website directory on the crawl. Because some web content such as the registration page, advertising pages and directory icon, do not need to let love Shanghai to crawl. In addition to the database of the website doesn’t need to be loved in Shanghai spider. On the one hand, to avoid the risk that love Shanghai website is spam sites effectively, but also enhance the security level of the site. read more

Website optimization process should be considered comprehensive


?The details of the Two, the construction of the chain of

Shanghai Longfeng hot than micro-blog, fell in love with the sea type "Shanghai dragon" has about seventy million search results. From here you can see the search engine optimization very competitive, so, in Shanghai dragon when the details are important, this is also a lot of Shanghai dragon veteran from actual combat experience. A website by the location to the site, and then to optimize promotion every step is very important. Perhaps many webmaster in the macro to grasp the good, but do not produce results, believe or not doing well in details. We have to consider the details of what

, a chain of the construction to have the law. The construction of the chain to improve site weight and ranking promotion, Shanghai dragon world "the chain for emperor", or the need to pay attention to. Now the construction of the chain are many, like forums, blog is everyone’s love. But the chain or selection of high quality, for example, is a good choice. The construction of the chain is to rule, in the newly established new station is not to rush to do outside the chain, put their own content to fill in the chain. In the chain don’t suddenly more and less, one day to do 100 days out of the chain, which is not done, it is not conducive to optimizing the search engine will think you are. read more

Yi Yu Wen share your website ranking optimization method

1. hot forum post, post plus signature, the original content of the article add anchor text, the moderator is not deleted. These are often collected records.

is the priority among priorities, is every webmaster do the most difficult, the content of the hair of the chain, I said here is how to send the chain.

website content online, this not to say, we should know how to operate, the beginning of the article can only fill a few disturbing home, straight text enough. If the original to do under pseudo okay. Built after submitted love Shanghai, or to the popular forum to lead spider, let the spider love Shanghai rapid climb to your site quickly included.

, I will go to a related type registered in what type of home station domain name, such as you do have a class of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng words in the domain, the weight loss is Jianfei words, this person feel very important to correlation. In the time domain name registration I would go to see some of the domain name will be deleted, to see if there is Beian, there are some good outside chain, and analyze the domain name before the K has not been too and some other factors. If you are registered to a domain name for the weight behind things easier. read more

How to use the love Shanghai product chain

love love Shanghai Shanghai experience with respect to Wikipedia do better, may not love the Shanghai encyclopedia in terms of quality, but love is through love the experience of Shanghai Shanghai audit, easily collected by other sites, then we will double the chain effect.

(1) to create entries we can create with our website content entry, because love Shanghai to some popular new entry audit efforts is small, relatively easy to pass. At the time of creation must pay attention to the readability of the article, we all know that love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, experience will be better for their products user requirements. At the same time also refers to relevant content on our website, only the introduction of relevant content on our website, through to add a reference in the entry below.

2. Shanghai

1. love Shanghai Encyclopedia

(1) title must not be able to do the chain. We choose to love the experience of Shanghai title, must be short and can highlight the theme. read more

How to deal with the 2011 second Google PR update

in the meantime, ensure that your site is 24 hour access to normal, and the speed of the good is the best way to meet the PR update. The domain name and space, remember to renew, lest appear unable to access for renewal caused by not timely! During this period as the ability to ensure the stability of the server, knowing that if you use the server every two or three days change IP, failure, proposal was immediately replaced, to maintain the stability of the space in the key moment is still very necessary.

PR, there is no fixed date, what time to update, especially the one or two years it is not possible to estimate some estimates an average of 96 days to update a. This year the first large-scale PR updated in January 21, 2011, until today has more than 200 days, this is the big surprise of owners and experts of the budget, the specific update also can make nothing of it, but according to my estimate, should be the party’s Day (July 1st), this year the state of the party’s day than usual attention. Google Corporation may this festival large-scale update PR, before the face of the 2011 second PR arrival as a webmaster, we should pay attention to what, what should be done in this discussion on the read more

nventory of 2012 Chinese Shanghai Longfeng good website portal platform tool

2012, the Shanghai dragon worker, is very passionate for a year, because a lot of things happened this year, Shanghai dragon industry, and for the reform of the algorithm also has many sites which changes turn the world upside down, how many ups and downs, industry suffered heartless blow, and many sites in the industry inside out in a way, here I (a very attention Shanghai dragon industry) Shanghai dragon Er to organize a few websites this talent shows itself. The Voice of China told us to get their own tutor Pro gaze, singing skills is very necessary, and eventually win the results tell us to be successful, follow oneself hard is important, teachers stiffness is the key, Jin Zhiwen not Yang Kun’s preference for natural can not enter the semi-finals, and for Chinese Shanghai Longfeng good website natural, need a good ranking, but also good reputation, also have a certain influence on the industry.

from the responsibility of love Shanghai as Chinese largest search engine service providers, he really needs a professional platform to help site owners to better manage and operate the site, and to provide users with the best search results search experience. And this platform gives the greatest impact is Shanghai dragon worker, because we conduct in the search engine, they do all the work on optimization, then his algorithm updates, will relate to the site’s ranking fluctuations, this platform will give us some adjustment notice in the algorithm update before we can adjust and optimize the strategy timely. read more

How to choose accurate keywords according to user search habits

part of the customer? ? ? users? ?

two. We can classify for potential customer groups, such as high-end customers, general customers,……. Take the potatoes, potatoes called potato, potato, English named potato, Shandong (Yanzhou Qufu Zoucheng Lunan region Tengzhou, Yunnan, Guizhou) is called the potato, taro or potato area called Yang, Guangxi called fan Kwai Tsz potato (in fact, most of Guangxi is called the potato, in some places the White called potato and the red one is called winter taro), Shanxi called shanyaodan, Anhui also known as sweet potato, potato said more provinces in Northeast china. The Hebei area called the potato, yam. Potato also known as potatoes, potato, taro, potato, steamed bun Yangshan eggs, potatoes (Hongkong, Guangzhou, people used to say). Although some areas have called for potato "potato", in fact there is really something called the potato. So we need to know, don’t misunderstand. The Italians called beans, French called Apple, the Germans called Di Li, the Americans called the Irish Yambean, Russians called Holland potato. read more

On site included every day but no ranking of causes and Solutions

, the author proposed a simple modification of the title, the title of the complex, often redundant impact to the site rankings, the author thinks that the title should be the main keywords for the heavy lifting key through the main keywords, we can see some index larger but the title is very simple site, this site because the title is simple, one of the main keywords can be firmly in love first in Shanghai, one of the main key can bring tens of thousands of traffic for the site, simple and efficient title can be said to occupy a part of the ranking.

recently in the process of optimization of one of the old customers to contact me, he consulted a "hello to me, ask my friend’s website has been recently included, but no ranking, how is this going?" from this sentence to the client can understand customer friends the site collection is better, but at the same time is not included in the rankings, then I offer to him. To do a comprehensive inspection, found some problems.

two, the author told the dead link problems of customers and friends of the site, and the solution method is the dead link to clean the site if the site content can directly remove these dead links, if the main page links can not be deleted, but to re set of links. If the home link requires reasonable navigation links, can not modify the link in the process of death affect the ongoing optimization of Shanghai dragon, can not affect included on the website of the. read more

The survey Wangzhuan site to access membersHow to fool your pockets and expose nternet fraud

investment 1000 annual return of 2 million… I believe that the return of 200 million, the shield is not much? Well, equivalent to 2000 yuan to the people of Beijing subway beggars also a monthly income of 5000, or RMB.

blank market, earn 200 thousand monthly… Wow, so you make money, or buy the incense burning home for it, let your children enjoy a happy life under.

network is mature, it is with all sorts of strange things…

In the investigation of


has only one aim – to fool your pockets.

earns a lifetime of money a year… I’m sweaty, stronger than a prostitute,

1 yuan supermarket, zero franchise fee… It seems that this guy was a windfall to hit the dizzy…

web site on the Internet, I just said the investigation of daily consumer goods are usually required for each member, it is up to you 2 yuan reward. So, online survey sites will save 23 yuan in a survey of daily consumer goods, these money gone?

Research firm

, one of the most distinctive features, is "network business" – the "investment" website, which has spread all over the network, even on TV advertising, has become the most popular item for investors in the near future. read more